AWE Breaktimes

Breaktimes are casual lunches for members to chat with company representatives. During Breaktimes, members can ask questions about what the representative is working on, about the company, about what it’s like to be a female or nonbinary engineer, and much more. In the past, members have gotten to interact with engineers from companies including a16z, Salesforce, Capital One, and also members of WISCE (the graduate student women in Computer Science Club).  Breaktimes are usually on Fridays from 12-1 PM but check our calendar for the full Breaktime Schedule!

DeepScale Breaktime
Amazon Breaktime
HelpAssistHer Breaktime
Humane Breaktime
Image of Uber Infosession
Spring '23 Uber Infosession

AWE Teatimes

Teatimes are the virtual alternative for Breaktimes, and are typically held on Zoom. Rather than a conversation over lunch, we will distribute codes for members to order their own drinks online from local boba shops. Since Teatimes are held online, event format is very flexible and we are open to ideas that deviate from the traditional small group discussions of Breaktimes. Check our calendar for the full Teatime and Breaktime Schedule!

AWE BLI Study Hours

We understand the racial disparity within the gender disparity in tech. To close the gap and fight the systemic injustices, we host focused workshops for the BLI community. Examples include study jams, professional development workshops, etc. Make sure to check our calendar!

AWE LGBTQ+ Events and Support

Apart from finding a community at the intersectionality of Tech & LGBTQ+, AWE is here to improve the gender disparities in a male dominated field. We understand not every non-male person identifies in any regards with the women identity, but we have included them in this space as we all face the same struggle of being a gender minority in this field.

AWE Socials/General Meetings

The Socials and General Meetings are monthly meetups where members participate in a variety of fun activities and games. The activities range from planting succulents to enjoying delicious food together. The General Meetings usually take place in Jacobs Hall but make sure to check our calendar for the specific date and location of each meeting!

Socializing and Crafting
AWE Board Game Night
Picnic Social
Study Social
Food at Study Social
Pumpkin Painting
Pumpkin Painting
Web Design and Dev Workshop

InterClub Social Events

Every semester, AWE hosts some socials with other EE/CS clubs on campus in order to foster a sense of community and for our members to get to meet new people. Past InterClub Social Events include a karaoke night with HKN and a fun hangout with CSUA.

HKN-AWE Social
Picture of AWE x CSM Frisbee Social
CSM-AWE Social

Evening Company Events

AWE hosts many exciting events with a variety of different companies. Members have spent an evening with Airbnb representatives at a local Airbnb, improved their resumes through a workshop with Texas Instruments, practiced their technical interview skills at a workshop hosted by Karat, and much more. Typical Evening Company Events include tech talks, office visits, industry panels, and technical workshops, but we are always welcome new types of company events as well!

Seagate Field Trip
Facebook Fireside Chat
Asana Field Trip
Picture of Newspace Industry Speaker Event
Spring '23 Newspace Industry Speaker

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