mentorship photos from across the years!

If you are new to EE&CS at Cal, the Mentorship Program is a fantastic way to talk with someone else about classes, get tips on internships and research, or make a new friend! If you are an upperclassman interested in sharing advice and knowledge, this is a great way to give back to the AWE community and exercise your leadership skills in a close-knit environment.

why become a mentee? By joining the Mentorship Program as a mentee, you’ll gain valuable insight through events like the Mentorship Panel, where AWE mentors share their experiences at Berkeley and beyond. Mentorship also hosts social activities so that members of the program can make friends and get to know each other. In addition to mentorship events, mentors and mentees meet regularly to catch up and do something fun. In such a large campus and department, we hope to create a sense of community and support for everyone!

why become a mentor? We encourage upperclassmen to join the mentorship program as a mentor. As a woman in EE&CS at Berkeley, your experience and guidance is very useful for your fellow AWE members. Tell your mentees what worked and what didn’t work in your Berkeley career, let them know what clubs and professors are great, and make a new friend. Mentorship is a rewarding experience for everyone involved, just ask any of our past mentors!

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