Day in the Life: Quarantine Edition (Animated)

by Emily Mistica '2023

Times are truly odd in this day and age, as COVID-19 has swept across the world and disrupted the structure and systems that have somewhat kept life in order. Schools have been greatly impacted, as students have quickly packed their bags and returned home to stay safe and indoors, or as most like to call it: quarantined.

Not many eventful things are happening anymore, but I’ve been keeping “busy” to repress my boredom. Here are some things that I’ve been doing in quarantine:


Adventures of Women in Computer Science: Striking a Balance

by Emily Mistica '2023

It’s no surprise that computer science at UC Berkeley garners the most hardworking and intelligent women. Nonetheless, these amazing women are challenged by the puzzles and algorithms characteristic of computer science classes, yet still allocate time for clubs, extracurriculars, and spending time with friends and family. Read more >>

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