Adventures of Women in Computer Science: Striking a Balance

by Emily Mistica '2023

It’s no surprise that computer science at UC Berkeley garners the most hardworking and intelligent women. Nonetheless, these amazing women are challenged by the puzzles and algorithms characteristic of computer science classes, yet still allocate time for clubs, extracurriculars, and spending time with friends and family.

There are times where we spend hours in Moffitt, crying silently on the fifth floor because of an impending midterm.

And despite the looming due date of an essential CS project, there are times where we’ll hop on a bus spontaneously to take a trip to San Francisco.

There are times when we work for hours trying to pass a single test case.

Yet, there are also moments of relief when we have passed all test cases, which we share with friends over a conversational lunch.

Computer science is a tough field, especially held at the rigor of UC Berkeley’s curriculum. However, my successful friends in CS don’t allow the rigor to consume their college agenda. They promote a balance between school and personal life, making the most of their experience at Cal.

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