Welcome to the bl-AWE-ge!

by Kaitlyn Chan '2022

Welcome to the bl-AWE-ge! As you may have guessed from our punny title, the bl-AWE-ge will be a platform for students, alumni, faculty, and staff, both in AWE and the broader UC Berkeley community, to share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

Our goal for these blogs is to help foster a community and spread perspectives from a range of people. We hope that these stories can help inspire current and potential students, especially those who are female-identifying and interested in EE and/or CS, to take a leap at the next opportunity that comes by, or to pick themselves up after experiencing a setback.

Also, sometimes it is just fun to read about other people’s lives 🙂

Thus, we invite anyone interested in sharing their thoughts, whether through writing or any other medium, to reach out to us at aweberkeley@gmail.com with their ideas. Topics can range from the serious (such as advice on declaring CS, course staff experiences, imposter syndrome, or ethics in technology) to the light-hearted (such as your daily schedule, favorite boba shops, or a cool passion project).

In summary, the bl-AWE-ge will be a collection of stories that we hope will help out your journey at UC Berkeley, or at the very least, give you enjoyment in relating to.


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